Mission Ready

Coming at you with g-force of the lunar module is Awekeys' newest collaboration with designer Photonixia, inspired by none other than the fabulous moon landing mission. As the Lunar Module touched down with a gentle thud, and history was made once more as the hatch opened to the vast, silent world of the moon.

Explore the Moon at your Fingertips

Our metal keycaps feature a specially crafted textured surface that replicates the feel of the moon's surface, just for this collection, allowing you to touch the moon right at your fingertips.

Novelties Design

The Novelties Design takes you on a fantastical lunar journey, where you will see moon rovers, spacewalks, lunar craters, different lunar phases, and the iconic first human footprint on the moon.

Designed with Style, Crafted to Last

Crafted from recycled cupronickel, Our metal keycaps are is supremely durable and resilient. Additionally, the surface is upgraded with a Nanocoating protective layer, making the metal keycaps even more sweat and corrosion resistant.

Experience exceptional typing like never before

With the use of metal materials, our metal keycaps completely elevate your keyboard input experience. The typing feedback is more precise, and the sound becomes deeper and more pleasing, making you feel like you're walking on the moon.