Collection: Keyboard Caps

As the tool that people touch most frequently, the role of keyboard caps cannot be underestimated.

High-quality keyboard caps are not only easier to clean and maintain, but also have a better touch, which helps improve our work efficiency and quality of life.

 Currently, the more popular types of keycaps on the market include: OEM keycaps, Cherry keycaps, DSA keycaps, SA keycaps, PBT keycaps, ABS keycaps, etc., as well as uniquely designed customized models. Keycap type. Among them, metal keycaps are favored by keyboard enthusiasts because of their unique advantages.

The advantages of metal keycaps are many. If you commonly use plastic keyboards, you may know that plastic keyboards are extremely easy to wear and tear. If a case is severely worn, due to the characteristics of metal materials, it is more durable than plastic keycaps and can be used for a long time. It is not easy to wear and fade, so you don’t have to worry about it. Partial wear necessitates replacement of the keyboard.

Moreover, the metal keycaps are heavy and solid, making the keyboard more stable and less likely to shake, providing a better typing experience. Moreover, the sound of metal keycaps when typing is crisper and rhythmic.


Types of metal keycaps

1. Aluminum keycaps: usually lighter, durable, lightweight and easy to process. Aluminum keycaps have a refined appearance and are the style chosen by many keyboard enthusiasts.

2. Copper keycaps: relatively heavy, with various colors, thick texture, and strong metallic appearance. They are often used to make high-end customized keyboards.

3. Stainless steel keycaps: strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, smooth and beautiful surface, and moderate relative weight.

4. Titanium alloy keycaps: Titanium alloy keycaps are light and strong, have excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature performance, and have a gorgeous and elegant appearance. Titanium alloy keycaps are more expensive and are often used in high-end mechanical keyboards.

5. Brass keycaps: Brass keycaps are soft in texture, golden in color, have good thermal conductivity and oxidation resistance, and are often used to make retro-style keyboards.

6. Luxury keycaps: In addition to the above types, there are also some rare types of metal keycaps, such as tungsten keycaps, silver keycaps, gold keycaps, etc. They are relatively rare in the market, but have unique production materials and appearances. design.


So what kind of keyboard cap is best for you?

Although preferences vary from person to person, high-quality keyboard caps often have the following characteristics:

1. The surface of the keycap is relatively smooth, and the fingers feel soft when pressing the keys, making it less likely to fatigue.

2. The logo and pattern of the keycap are not easy to wear and are durable.

3. The markings of letters, numbers and symbols are clear and easy to read and not easily blurred.

4. The shape and size of the keycaps should comply with ergonomic design.

5. Some keyboards have built-in anti-splash designs.