Lightweight, Durable, or Beautiful? Which Plate Material Do You Need the Most?

Lightweight, Durable, or Beautiful? Which Plate Material Do You Need the Most?

When purchasing computer accessories, we usually pay attention to hardware configurations, appearance styles, and other aspects. However, when buying a computer keyboard, the material of the positioning board is also a very important factor. Different materials of the positioning board have significant differences in touch, durability, and appearance. Below, I will introduce various common types of positioning boards one by one.

     PC Positioning Board The PC positioning board is made of poly-carbonate plastic, which has good toughness and impact resistance and is relatively lightweight. However, the PC positioning board has a very soft touch, which may cause some players who are not used to it to feel that typing lacks a sense of confirmation. Therefore, Touchmax recommends that friends who are used to using harder positioning boards should try it cautiously.  

     Carbon Fiber Positioning Board The carbon fiber positioning board is made of carbon fiber material. As a very lightweight material, it also has a good hardness. Like copper positioning boards, it has a relatively hard touch feel. However, because it is relatively light, its sound is not as solid as that of copper positioning boards but rather clear and crisp. However, due to its difficulty in production, its price is relatively high.

     Aluminum Positioning Board The aluminum positioning board is made of aluminum alloy material and has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance without deformation, as well as good heat dissipation performance and touch feeling. The appearance of the aluminum positioning board is stylish and generous, so it is very popular in the market.

     Copper Positioning Board The copper positioning board is made of pure copper material and has high conductivity and stability. Due to the physical characteristics of copper, the weight of its positioning board is relatively heavy. However, the copper positioning board has a very comfortable touch feel and stable and reliable performance. It is often used in the high-end mechanical keyboard field.

     FR4 Positioning Board The FR4 positioning board is mainly made of glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin material, which has good high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and insulation performance. The touch of the FR4 positioning board is slightly softer than that of the aluminum positioning board, and its sound is similar to that of the aluminum positioning board. Therefore, if you want a slightly softer touch feel, you can try the FR4 positioning board. Its main advantage is that it is relatively affordable and easy to process and produce.

     Choosing the right material for your computer positioning board can effectively improve work efficiency and entertainment. The above are Touchmax's opinions and insights on positioning boards, hoping to provide you with some reference and help when purchasing a computer keyboard.

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