Quick guide to adjust tight or loose metal keycap

Quick guide to adjust tight or loose metal keycap

Unfortunately, not all Cherry MX stems are made equal. The stem cross for each switch type vary heavily between different brands and models. You will find that the keycap will fit perfectly on some switches, and loosely on others.

To account for this variance, the Awekeys Metal Keycap was designed with an adjustable stem to fit on most switches, but may require adjustments to fit perfectly. 

For this guide, you’ll need either tape, paper,  wedge or screwdriver.

Disclaimer: When adjusting the stem, make sure to proceed little by little, testing on a switch periodically until you get a perfect fit. The adjustment range of each pin is about 0.1-0.3mm. You only need to adjust it a little to fit your switch. Any larger adjustment may cause the pin to break.

How to adjust the metal keycaps that are loose, or wobbly?

A method for securing the stem on a keycap involves placing tape, paper, or a thin film across the stem. Aluminum foil or tape can also serve this purpose effectively by acting as a shim when applied to the stem.

Or you can use a stem fitting tool to get the a better fit. Here's a video on how to adjust the stem using the stem fitting tool

How to fine-tune the metal keycaps that are too tight?

To loosen the keycap stem, utilize a wedge-shaped tool like a screwdriver to gently separate the stem. Consider placing a compressible material, such as rubber or paperwrap, between the tool and the stem to avoid scratching.

Now, place your keycap on your switch of choice all the way in and enjoy the thocky feedback a metal keycap provides!

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