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As one of the most luxurious products among mechanical keyboards, the gold keyboard has an extremely luxurious and cool appearance, which attracts attention and reflects the user's taste. Therefore, the golden keyboard is often used as a personalized customized keyboard, which needs to be customized according to the needs of the user to create a unique keyboard.

In addition to its impressive appearance, the performance of the gold keyboard may be superior, its texture may be more solid and stable, and the feel experience will be more special. Unlike ordinary keyboards, the gold-plated material itself has good anti-oxidation properties, which can prevent metal oxidation, rust and discoloration, giving the keyboard surface a cool sheen. In order to ensure that the gold keyboard remains as shiny as ever, it is recommended to avoid scratching the surface with sharp objects and perform regular maintenance.


General production steps of gold-plated keyboard

1. Prepare the keyboard: Prepare a mechanical keyboard. You can choose part of the keycaps or the entire keyboard to be gold-plated.

2. Cleaning and treatment: The surface of the keyboard must be thoroughly cleaned and free of dust and oil. This step is important because it ensures that the gold plating adheres firmly.

3. Primer treatment: The surface of the keyboard needs to be primed, such as applying a special chemical coating.

4. Vacuum gold plating: Next, the keyboard is placed in the vacuum coating equipment, and a metal film is coated on the surface through physical vapor deposition. Commonly used metal materials are gold and silver.

5. Curing and polishing: The gold-plated keyboard needs to be cured and then polished.

6. Assembly and debugging: Reassemble the gold-plated keyboard and perform keyboard function debugging and appearance inspection.

Making gold keyboards requires very professional equipment and technology, such as vacuum coating equipment, surface treatment equipment, etc., as well as strict operating procedures and process control. If you are interested in customizing a gold-plated keyboard, you can contact professional keyboard customization manufacturer Awekeys.

As a high-end keyboard customization manufacturer, Awekeys provides gold-plated keyboard customization services. It has professional production equipment and technical teams and has now created luxurious gold keyboards for a large number of keyboard enthusiasts.


Common metal platings

In addition to gold plating, mechanical keyboards can also be plated with other metals. Keyboards with different metal platings have their own characteristics. Common metal platings include:

1. Silver Plating: It gives the keyboard surface a precious silver luster and has anti-oxidation and wear-resistant properties.

2. Copper Plating: The surface of the copper-plated keyboard has a warm tone and an artistic feel. At the same time, copper itself also has antibacterial and conductive properties.

3. Nickel Plating: makes the surface of the keyboard appear bright silver and has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, which can effectively extend the service life of the keyboard.

4. Chrome Plating: Gives the keyboard surface a mirror-like brightness and hardness.

5.Zinc Plating: Improves the anti-corrosion performance of the keyboard surface and is usually used for surface treatment.


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