Collection: Custom Mechanical Keyboard

Today, young people of Generation Z are more pursuing individuality.

As one of their most commonly used Internet tools, mechanical keyboard customization is becoming more and more popular. Professional mechanical keyboard customization manufacturers can make keyboards according to your personal preferences. For example, you can choose keycaps, keyshafts, backlight effects, key layout, function key settings and even appearance design to find your own style.

Through mechanical keyboard customization, you can choose higher-quality keyboard parts, such as high-quality mechanical key shafts and keycap materials, among which metal mechanical keyboards are the representative ones. In mechanical keyboard enthusiast forums, people discuss the latest products and capabilities of keyboards. Customizing keyboards is also a unique culture and hobby. Everyone can share keyboard customization experiences and works, and exchange technologies and ideas.

There are also some keyboard enthusiasts who can DIY keyboards, disassemble and assemble keyboard components by themselves, adjust keyboard parameters, and create unique keyboard works.

However, DIY mechanical keyboards often require some professional tools, as well as certain skills and experience. For most friends who like mechanical keyboards, I recommend that you contact Awekeys directly to customize it for you. It can save a lot of time and money, and also allows you to The keyboard is unique and gives you a fun keyboarding experience.


How to customize a mechanical keyboard?

Mechanical keyboard customization can have many different aspects. General steps: Select keycaps and keyshafts (such as Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh, choose based on your preference for feel, sound and trigger strength), customize backlight effects, customize key layout, add additional function keys, polish, debug and assemble.


What kind of mechanical keyboard is the best?

Talking about mechanical keyboards, as a keyboard enthusiast I have a lot to share with you. An excellent customized mechanical keyboard often has the following characteristics:

1. Key shaft type: directly affects the feel and sound of the keys. Common key switches include brown switch, green switch, red switch, etc.

2. Keycap material: Durable double-shot molded keycaps are used to make the letters on the keycaps less likely to wear.

3. Build quality: Excellent mechanical keyboards generally feature a durable casing and a solid keyboard base.

4. RGB lighting effects: If you like cool lighting effects, you can choose a mechanical keyboard that supports RGB lighting, or customize the lighting effects.

6.Brand reputation: By choosing a mechanical keyboard from a well-known brand like Awekeys, you can get better quality assurance and after-sales service.


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