Discover the Captivating Luster of Metal Keycaps

Elevate Your Keyboard Aesthetics with our Shimmering Collection of Metal Keycaps

Awekeys prioritizes sustainability and strives to minimize our environmental impact. We have been researching the material for metal keycaps for several months in the beginning of the project. We found that cupronickel is a commonly used material for currency coins for its durability, low allergic risk and recyclability. The production of recycled cupronickel keycaps requires significantly less energy compared to producing metal from virgin materials. This not only conserves natural resources and reduces energy consumption but also lowers carbon emissions, and promote a circular economy.

Explore the Versatility with our Cherry Profile Keycap Sets

We offer a total of 115 keys that can fit most mechanical keyboards for both ANSI and ISO layout.

Unleash Your Creativity with a Spectrum of Colorful Metal Keycaps

Unprecedented Thocky Typing Experience

With a satisfying feedback and smooth keystrokes, our metal keycaps transform your typing into an absolute pleasure.
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