Collection: Custom Keycaps

Do you want to have cool custom keycaps? Awekeys is the best full-metal custom keycap maker. We can customize keycaps for you according to your favorite colors, patterns, and styles, such as full-metal custom keycap sets, cute anime keycap sets, etc. 

Why do you need custom metal keycaps? Because compared with ordinary keycaps, customized full-metal keyboard caps are not only more beautiful, but also have a solid touch when typing. When playing games, you will feel very dynamic and enjoy your hearing.

Moreover, the feel of metal keyboards is very good, and the tapping and touch are very interesting. It is definitely the best choice for gamers. In addition, since you often touch keycaps in your life, the life of the keyboard is very important, and metal keyboards are more durable.

 Moreover, customized metal keycaps are easier to clean than ordinary plastic keycaps, which will be cleaner and bring you a healthier and more comfortable Internet experience. In short, customized metal keycaps allow you to enjoy the keyboard's keystroke feel at work or in games, and the appearance design is more in line with your personalized needs. If you like personalized keyboards, customized metal keycaps are definitely a good choice!


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