Collection: Creamy Keyboards

If you are familiar with Internet culture, you may know that creamy keyboard does not refer to a specific brand or model of keyboard, but is the general name for a cream-colored mechanical keyboard.

The interesting name "creamy keyboard" originated from the keyboard enthusiast community and is part of the Internet culture. creamy keyboard is a name for an off-white or cream-white mechanical keyboard. Its color gives people a soft, warm feeling and looks like cream, hence the name "creamy keyboard".

Within the keyboard enthusiast community, people love the color and design of creamy keyboards. As mechanical keyboards become more and more popular, keyboards in various color styles are also emerging. With its simple and elegant appearance, the creamy keyboard has very high aesthetic value and has become one of the dream keyboards in the minds of many people.

Features of creamy keyboard

Elegant appearance: Since we call it a "creamy keyboard", what people definitely like most about it is the unique color tone. The creamy keyboard has soft cream white keycaps, a simple and elegant appearance, suitable for matching various styles of desktop settings, and the warm tones make people feel happy.

Types of creamy keyboards

There are many types of creamy keyboards, giving people a variety of choices. It can be divided according to characteristics such as keycap material, keycap font, keyboard brand and mechanical shaft type: GMK Forge, DSA Cream, SA Bliss, EPBT Ivory.

About Metal creamy keyboard

Compared with keyboards made of ordinary materials, metal cream keycaps are usually a more high-end and fashionable choice.

The creamy keyboard made of metal is stronger and more durable than plastic, and has a longer service life. You don't have to worry too much about the wear and tear of the letters on the keycaps. In addition to its good-looking appearance, the metal cream keycap also combines the fashionable beauty of metallic texture and cream white. It is not only a typing tool, but also a high-end home collection.

If you are a gamer or network worker, then using metal keycaps will be a more practical choice for you. Because the metal cream keyboard is more stable and sturdier to use, it is not easy to shift, and your typing is more accurate, making you more comfortable during typing and improving your quality of life.

In addition, many people find cleaning keyboard gaps to be a very troublesome task. The metal keycaps have a smooth surface, which is easier to clean and less likely to absorb dust and dirt, which is better for your health.

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